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    BeatBelly is a exercise training tool which increases flexibility and strengthens the muscular girdle: core stomach and back muscles. You will find training with BeatBelly intuitive, highly effective and easy to sustain.

    A total workout
    BeatBelly provides intensive training of all the major core muscle groups. Even the normally difficult to train oblique abdominal muscles are given a workout. Thanks to the sitting position, the upper legs and lower back muscles are also trained.

    Learn more about which muscles are trained with BeatBelly.

    How does it work
    BeatBelly is not only an aesthetically distinctive stool but more importantly, an instability resistance tool for core stability training. When sitting or exercising with BeatBelly all the core muscles are engaged to resist and balance against the instability.

    With regular use over a prolonged period this activity will strengthen the stomach and back muscles. Studies have shown that static abdominal exercises are not as effective, compared with using a balancing exercise device, at activating the core muscles on a multi-dimensional level.

    Learn more about Core Stability Training with BeatBelly.

    Frequently asked questions
    For a list of the frequently asked questions and answers visit: Frequently asked questions


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