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    Core Stability Training

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    Using BeatBelly is an effective method for lower core stability training. What makes exercising with BeatBelly different to other abdominal muscle exercises?

    With an instability resistance device the effectiveness and intensity of the training is much higher as you need to use more muscle fibres to balance and coordinate.

    The comfortable sitting position means that you can control the intensity of the workouts much easier. With traditional sit-ups you need to lift the whole upper body, which is not necessary with BeatBelly.

    In addition, the sitting position also insures that you don’t use the neck and shoulder muscles and therefore, avoiding any strain or pain.

    The BeatBelly exercises contribute to the strengthening of the whole lower body (muscle corset) and not only the abdominals.

    A BeatBelly workout trains the hard to reach small back muscles around the spine. These small back muscles are important for the coordination of mutual movements of the vertebrae.

    The science behind BeatBelly
    The muscles of the spine are divided into local (small) and global (large) muscles. The left diagram shows the global muscles which are responsible for the initiation of movement (orange blocks represent the global dorsal muscles).

    The muscles and spine are not properly aligned automatically. This is done by the local dorsal muscles shown in the right diagram. Training with BeatBelly can improve the function of the local dorsal muscles in combination with the larger back muscles. This helps to improve body posture and reduce the risk of back problems.

    On the curved seat, your back takes on a position which slightly stretches the local dorsal muscles. During the exercises, minor balance disturbances occur when moving sideways and rotating your body. This not only requires an effort from your abdominal muscles but the local dorsal muscles, which are activated to control and/or dampen the movements. And when you stretch your back in between exercises, the small muscles are also tightened. 


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